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This Month At Rankin Ranch   Meet The Rankins Special Times At The Ranch Four Legged Friends At The Ranch
April 23, 2013

I used to do medical writing jobs for a company whose office is located in a working district composed of around ten huge and tall buildings where many other companies hold office too. Now, I go to the district to do my medical writing jobs in various specific places. Specifically, the ten huge and tall buildings house tens of companies each. The different companies included business process outsourcing and direct employer companies. There are call centres, English tutorial schools, information technology companies and many others.

The district also has a big arcade composed of two small buildings where there are a couple of restaurants, fastfood, convenience stores, cafes and fashion boutiques, among many. Most of the buildings in the district have, to name some, restaurants, bars, fastfoods and convenience stores, too. These are the places I go to do my tasks in the medical writing jobs I am handling.

This working district also has two huge vacant blocks. The bigger one of the two is used for seasonal bazaars, corporate events of companies from inside and outside of the district and fun runs. When vacant, it is used as a park by people working in the district and people who are not. The smaller vacant block is always used as a park. Non-workers from residences near and far from the district go to the parks with or without the bazaars or other events.

I love to go to the district because it is very beautiful. There are trees and plants lining along the pavements around each building. The landscapings of each bar, cafe, restaurant, fastfood and office are very pretty. I love doing my writing jobs and their component tasks like researching in the internet there. Aside from the aesthetic beauty of the place, it is also conducive to working because I know that the many people inside the buildings around me are also working.

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June 14, 2012 This Month At Rankin Ranch

       It’s hard to believe that June is here!  We started the month with our Summer Kickoff Weekend.  Several families joined us to enjoy the Off Season rates with the Regular Season activities for this special time period.  We also had a special celebration of a milestone birthday for one of our guests.  She was accompanied by her children and grandchildren for a three night celebration at Rankin Ranch.

       This was followed by “Scout Days” on June 4th -5th.  We had a troop of Girl Scouts from Bakersfield that came up for the evening to get a little taste of ranch life.  They enjoyed the haywagon ride to the meadow for a BBQ dinner, s’mores, horseback riding, a scavenger hunt, and swimming.  The Off Season came to a close on June 8th and the Regular Season is now upon us.  We enjoyed having a group of twenty lawyers join us for a one night retreat with their interns to start this next season.

       Now that the kids are getting out of school, it’s time for a great summer vacation.  We still have availability at the end of June and would love to have you come stay at the ranch.  There are several rooms open from June 21st to July 1st.  We are also offering a free early arrival for lunch and the afternoon horseback ride on Friday, June 15th or Thursday, June 21st.  We hope to see you soon!



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March 08, 2012 Special Times At The Ranch

Hello Rankin Folks, It's been a long time since I visited you all. I've only been once, I believe it was late February, or early March of 1979. I only came up for 3 days, with my girlfriend at the time, but, they were 3 days that I have always remembered. Even though it was fairly "cool" at that time of the year, the morning rides were still wonderful. I recall how beautiful the Basin is, with the surrounding mountains showing such wonderful colors as the sun moved higher in the sky, and the early Spring growth just coming up. As might be expected at that time of year there were few guests, consequently dinner was more like a family meal, and we were made to feel right at home. I'll never forget it! I was just surfing the internet, and just decided to try and look you up, I was very pleased to see the ranch still in the family, and doing so well, and 6 generations(!), fantastic. My wife(not the same girl), would really enjoy your ranch, we live in Florida, but, if the opportunity came up, we'd certainly love to visit, more than 3 days this time. I can't imagine many places more relaxing and enjoyable than the Rankin Ranch. Take care and the best to all.

                     Ron Segal


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July 16, 2010 Four Legged Friends At The Ranch
Bubba has been a favorite of Rankin Ranch guests for nearly 15 years.  This gentle giant is now semi-retired, but is the perfect partner for young children.  Countless kids have had their very “first ride” on Bubba and always come back to the corral smiling from ear to ear.  In this photo is Jake on his very first horseback ride.  His mom and uncle came to Rankin Ranch as a children and now bring their own children to continue the tradition. 
Like most of the Rankin Ranch ho
rses, Bubba is a Quarter Horse but he is also part which gives him his larger size.  Everyone comments on his large feet when comparing his horseshoes to others in the gift shop.  He has the biggest feet of all the horses.  He also happens to be Emma Mae’s (6th generation Rankin) favorite horse. 
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March 26, 2010 This Month At Rankin Ranch Congratulations to the Salzer Family of Santa Monica, CA!  They are the winners of our 2010 Guest Appreciation Drawing.  They will receive a $750 gift certificate to be used towards their 2010 stay.  The Salzer Family has joined us over 15 times since 1990 with 3 generations of their family staying at the ranch.  We are looking forward to seeing them again this summer for their 18th visit!

Ranch Update...
      It has been a very busy month at Rankin Ranch.  Most of the month was spent preparing for our 2010 season.  We have already had two groups stay with us to kick off our 45th guest ranch season.  We had a group of ladies come up for the weekend for a religious retreat and we also had a group of quilters stay for a 3 night retreat.  We are always happy to accommodate special groups at the ranch.
     Now we are into our Spring Break time period and have several families joining us for their spring vacation.  We still have rooms available for the upcoming week and would be happy to have you if you are looking for a last minute getaway.  The children will enjoy arts and crafts, games, and even an Easter Egg Hunt on April 2nd. can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere!
     The hillsides are green and beautiful and the horses are ready to go back to work.  Come up and visit us this spring!
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February 26, 2010 Four Legged Friends At The Ranch

Sunny and Bailey came in together and go out on the trail together.  They came to Rankin Ranch in 2008 from another guest ranch.  Out on the trail Bailey always follows Sunny, and will go anywhere Sunny goes.   These two keep a good eye on the kids, letting their personality shine.  Adults that want to take a nice, relaxed run will also love these two.   Even on their days off, you will find them grazing together, or enjoying the warm sun together.  They are definitely best friends.  Pictured below is Sunny in the front with Bailey and the other horses following behind on a children's ride last summer.  Photo and story courtesy of head wrangler, Taira Rankin.

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February 23, 2010 Meet The Rankins

Bill and Glenda Rankin – 4th Generation California Cattle Ranchers


            History has always played a major role in our lives.  Bill and I, 4th generation Rankins, are proud of our family’s 147 year tradition of raising White Face Hereford Cattle, and this year we celebrate our family’s 45th anniversary of welcoming guests to our historic cattle ranch.  Bill’s mother, Helen Rankin, opened her door to guests in 1965, and we have continued sharing our family’s history and way of life with thousands of guests as they vacation with us.

            Both Bill and I are very involved in our local Kern County Cattlemen and CattleWomen Associations, as were previous generations of Rankins.  Bill followed in his father’s footsteps when he was elected president of the cattlemen’s organization this year.  I work with our daughters on beef promotion projects and was proud to accept the Walt Rodman Award on behalf of the Kern County CattleWomen at California’s state convention in November.  This award acknowledged the best 2009 beef promotion project from county’s throughout California.

            Another project which is dear to my heart is the “relocation and restoration” of the historic Lopez Hill House to Pioneer Village at the Kern County Museum in Bakersfield.  This house belonged to my family (the Hills) since 1966.  After the death of our mother in 2005, my sister, Dianne Sharman, and I began a four year journey researching and fundraising to save this historic home.  It was built in 1909 in downtown Bakersfield by J. J. Lopez who was the majordomo (manager) of the famous Tejon Ranch.  Today, the Lopez Hill House is open for tours at the museum.  We enjoy volunteering as docents and telling stories about our mother’s dream of saving her home.  We feel honored to have met the Lopez family and be able to tell their story as well.  Through the generosity of thousands of individuals, businesses, and even school children’s donations, we were able to preserve this wonderful Victorian home for all to enjoy.

            Of course, the most important thing in both Bill and my lives would be our family.  We  enjoyed raising our four children (Jason, Rebecca, Sarah and Amanda) on our family cattle and guest ranch.  Growing up here gave them a unique childhood, one that we wish every child could experience.  We are also extremely happy that our six grandchildren are now living on the ranch and enjoying this special way of life too.  We feel that the families who vacation at the ranch with their children get a taste of ranch life, and parents tell us that the ranch experience has definitely impacted their family’s lives as well.  One of the most important aspects of growing up on the ranch and living in the country is the fact that our children at an early age have learned responsibility and the value of hard work.  Ron Macher, editor of “Small Farms Today” summed it up well when he said, “ The greatest thing that agriculture furnished this country is not food or fiber, but a set of children with a work ethic and a good set of values.”  Our children became an integral  part of the family businesses, and we feel this training gave them a sound foundation before going out into the world.  Amazingly, each of them paid their way through college with part time jobs and scholarships.  They all chose to return home to the ranch and are now involved in the agriculture industry.  Each of them, with their individual talents and skills, bring new ideas and enthusiasm which promises the continuation of our family ranching tradition.  Bill and I agree with his mother’s comment when she said, “My greatest accomplishment in life are my children and grandchildren.”  We couldn’t be more proud of the next two generations of Rankins.

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February 05, 2010 Four Legged Friends At The Ranch

     We all have many fond memories with Milo .  This loving Border Collie Australian Shepherd cross was only at Rankin Ranch for one year, but made his way into our hearts.  Amanda adopted Milo in September of 2008 because his “city” family was moving and weren’t able to take him with them.  He quickly saw all of the joys of ranch life…no leashes, no fences, and endless exploring.  And we can’t forget all of the love he received from our family and the guests.  All of Brian and Amanda’s wedding guests also enjoyed seeing him in September with his sunflower bandana to match the wedding theme.

     He spent his days at the guest ranch playing fetch and keeping Amanda company in the office.  Brian tried his best to teach him to work with the cattle, but that wasn’t Milo's calling.  He was successful in learning to jump in the back of the truck.  That was his one “ranch” trick! 

     Sadly, in early November Milo ’s vision began to fail and within two weeks he was completely blind.  We visited our local veterinarian and then an ophthalmologist and we were all puzzled by his symptoms.  After being unsuccessful with antibiotics, and Milo began to have regular nose bleeds, we returned to our local veterinarian.  Dr. Parker took x-rays and re-evaluated his symptoms.  He concluded that Milo had a bone tumor in his nasal cavity and even with extensive treatment could not be healed. 

     Milo kept us smiling through out his last days with his tender and loving spirit.  He was very fond of kids and took a special interest in Josephine, 6th generation Rankin, who is now 7 months old.  One January afternoon Josie was napping as our family was busy folding our 2010 Rankin Ranch calendars.  Milo found his way over to Josie and cozied up next to her.  After a nice rest, Milo managed to pull Josie’s socks off and she woke up when he began kissing her toes.  He always loved to give us kisses. 

      Milo now rests peacefully under our oak tree in Walker Basin and we know he is up in heaven chasing cows and playing fetch. 


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January 21, 2010 Meet The Rankins

            Our historic California ranch was founded during the period of time our country was engaged in the Civil War.  Walker Rankin, a resident of Pennsylvania left his family farm in 1865 when he was 22 years old and joined the many others who headed west to the California gold fields.  He landed in San Francisco by way of Panama and was fairly successful in his mining endeavors.  By 1863, he settled in Walker’s Basin where he purchased a section of land from a homesteader who was ready to move on. 

            We are proud descendants of our family heritage and continue to own and operate the cattle ranch which Walker and his wife Lavinia established 147 years ago.  We still have White Face Hereford Cattle which were introduced to this area by Walker in the early 1870’s.  Our 31,000 acre ranch is one of the oldest and largest family owned cattle operations in California.  In addition to our cattle ranch, we invite city friends to join us at our dude ranch which opened to guests in 1965.  We have travelers from all over the United States and the world who have found Rankin Ranch the “perfect vacation” for families, couples, singles and groups!  We can only accommodate 40 guests so you become a part of our extended Rankin Ranch family and enjoy our western hospitality and lifestyle.  Join Us Soon!


            More about the Rankins…If you would like to know more about our family history, check out our website - “Our History” page on our website.  For you history buffs, our local country reader – The Fence Post – which is published by Allen and Rebecca Been (part of our family) will be highlighting Lavinia “Nana” Lightner Rankin’s memoirs (dating back to 1849) beginning in March of 2010.   For only $12 a year you can enjoy this wonderful history periodical.  Contact to subscribe.

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Special Times At The Ranch

2010 Rankin Ranch Season
Join us for our 45th Guest Ranch Anniversary

March 26 to April 11 Spring Break with “Family Fun for All” with our supervised children’s program for ages 4 to 11 included (regular season rates).
April 11 to May 28 Springtime weather with wildflowers and green mountainsides. Weekdays are great for adult “get-a-ways” and weekends for adult and family fun. (off-season rates).
April 21 to 25 Ladies’ Retreat is a special time for just ladies to enjoy the ranch. It’s the perfect time for a girl’s getaway or sisters’ weekend. Massage therapist and yoga available exclusively during these dates. (off-season rates with additional fees for massages)
May 23 to May 28 “Art Week" for adults and children. Come and enjoy our gorgeous peaceful scenery and century old barns and buildings lend themselves to our annual Art Week for sketching and painting taught by Bakersfield artists. There is still plenty of time for horseback riding and all ranch activities. (off-season rates with free art instructions).
May 28 to May 31 Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to getaway to the Rankin Ranch for a long weekend. You will enjoy all of the activities that are offered during the summer months including fun family activities each evening and our wonderful Supervised Children’s Program. During this time period we require a three night stay…Friday-Monday. (regular season rates)
June 6 to June 9 Scout Days… is a special time at Rankin Ranch just for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. During this time period, we gear our activities towards scout troops and offer special horse programs to help scouts earn their horse related badges. (special rates apply)
June 11 to Sept. 6 Summertime “Family Fun” with our supervised children’s program for ages 4 to 11 included, and all the fun associated with summer – swimming, tennis, hiking, fishing, and much more! (regular season rates)
Sept 6 to Oct 3 Indian summer weather with fall foliage and a “slower pace” once again. (off-season rates)
Sept 10 to 12 History Days is a unique time at the ranch when the Rankin family invites you into the original Rankin home built in the 1870’s to share the history and family stories that created a 147 year old tradition. Exclusive to this weekend, guest will enjoy a tour of the Lopez Hill home at the Kern County Museum in Bakersfield led by Glenda Rankin. (off season rates with additional charge for museum admission)
Oct 3 to 8 Rest and Relaxation Week is a special week with a special rate for those wanting a quiet getaway…lodging and meals provided…no organized activities during this week. (special rates apply)
Oct 15 to 17
Oct 22 to 24
Nov 5 to 7
Nov 11 to 14
Scrapbooking Weekends are a special time to enjoy a weekend of memories and western hospitality at Rankin Ranch. The ranch not only offers a wonderful place to create memories, but a relaxing environment to preserve your family memories while scrapbooking from 7 am to midnight. (special rates apply)
Hope to see you soon…..give us a call if you have any questions.
661-867-2511 or
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