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Our ranch is the perfect setting for your family reunion. Rankin Ranch’s location in central California makes it ideal for families that are spread throughout the state. Many family members fly from across the country to Los Angeles (2 ½ hours from the ranch) or to Bakersfield (1 hour away) and drive up to the ranch to join their family. We are happy to have your family join us, whether you need just two rooms or all fourteen rooms. If you reserve our entire accommodations for your group, we will plan all our activities to meet your group's needs. Over the years, we have many smaller family units hold reunion at the ranch as well.  They enjoy their family time, but also have fun meeting new friends.

The Birney Family
  I spent a three-day, three-generational 70th birthday surrounded by my wife, three children, two son-in-laws, and one grandchild amid the glories of the Rankin Ranch! The children traveled from New York, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles and the Rankin family welcomed us with open arms and an honest, warm hospitality so rarely seen these days and for which the Rankins are justly celebrated. The birthday cake which came out of the renowned Rankin kitchen was a marvel to behold and taste, and Bill and Glenda joined us for part of the celebration, which made it even more memorable. From square dancing to ping pong, from archery to horseback riding, from swimming to the famous horseshoe tournament, we were entranced by our days and nights at this magical place, and long to return, for new adventures and more wonderful memories.
 Frank Birney 2009  
The Burnham Family

Dear Glenda,
      Keith and I want you to know how pleased and happy we were with our "Family" vacation at Rankin Ranch. It isn't easy to find a place that has something of appeal for all ages, from 1 year to 70 years, but I think you did it! Out of 29 people, we didn't hear one complaint, and there were at least six of them who wept on the way home because they had to leave.
It was truly a wonderful, memorable week for all of us, and we are deeply appreciative to all of you for making it so special. To Helen, Bill, Sarah, Jason, Travis, Dave, and Scott, please convey our heartfelt thanks.
Again, many, many thanks for all that you have done! I am sure you will be seeing more of us in the years to come.
Most sincerely,
Barbara Burnham

Keith and Barbara Burnham reserved all of our rooms and brought their entire family...children and grandchildren…when visiting Rankin Ranch.

More Letters from the Burnham Family:
All I can say about our stay with you is WOW!!! You made us all feel like a member of your family. Some of the kids even cried on the way home. The Rankin family, Dave, Scott, Travis, etc...made this a most memorable vacation. Thank you all. We will see you in the spring.
Doug and Kay Sparks

Thanks so much for a wonderful time at your beautiful ranch! I especially enjoyed the wholesome farm atmosphere for my children, as they have not experienced very much of that side of life.
Jody and Family

Dear Bill, Glenda, Sarah and Amanda,
This is Ryan Burnham from the Keith Burnham group which just left the ranch a few days ago. I just wanted to express how sad I am. I really wish I was still at the ranch because of all the fun I had. The Rankin Ranch trip that my family and I took was by far the most enjoyable vacation I have ever taken. Thank you so much for the great hospitality which you all gave. I am working at my newly acquired job very hard and long so that hopefully next year I will be able to visit the ranch again. I have told all my friends about the trip, telling them stories about some of the greatest experiences of my life. Well anyway, I just wanted to thank all of you very much for allowing me to stay at your ranch and also for being so caring towards everyone.
(Ryan - 15 yrs.)
The Saba Family

Jack and Elizabeth Saba’s family connection to Rankin Ranch began two generations ago.  Jack’s grandfather, a salesman traveling from Bakersfield by horse and buggy, made many stops to sell household goods to the Rankin family on his journey through the valley of Walker’s Basin.  The Saba’s remained friends throughout the years and began their "tradition" in 2001 of gathering at the ranch for their family reunion each May.

June 2007 …
To All The Rankin!
We so appreciate all you do to make our visit the Best!  You are always such a blessing to us when we visit.  Thank you!!!
Mike and Dana Saba

Thank you so much!!  I wish I could stay forever.  From, Mason (age 9)

Thank you so much for making my Rankin Ranch experience so fun!  I love coming to Rankin Ranch!  It is my very favorite vacation of the year!  Thanks again!
Love, Ellie (age 12)

The Feldman Family Reunion & Birthday August 2005
     We just returned from the Rankin Ranch for my husband's 65th Birthday Celebration. We had all our children, and grandchildren with us, which totaled 12. It was the best family vacation ever. We have taken the Disney Cruise, rented a villa with a maid and a butler, went to a resort up in Washington State, and the Rankin Ranch ranked #1 in our family experiences. The Rankins run a tight ship, but with grace and warmth. The children 6, 6, 4, 18mo., 6mo. were all happy as can be. The kids’ camp was wonderful and kept them busy when not doing activities with the family.
     We were able to hire babysitters when we needed them for the two babies, which made everything perfect. The night time activities were all geared for the children and so much fun. There is not one bad thing I can say of this vacation, all 12 people were happy and, the ones that could talk, concurred that this was the best family vacation!!!!
Bring your family, bring your friends you will not be disappointed!
Don and Diane Feldman (San Bernadino, CA)
Many groups and businesses have also found Rankin Ranch to be the perfect location for small retreats and conferences. Our large recreation room becomes the meeting facility for those requesting our entire accommodations. If you have a group of 20 to 30 people and need a secluded location for a meeting or gathering...and some peace and quiet...RANKIN RANCH is the perfect spot for you. You can book our entire accommodation and have the whole place to yourself!
BJ Services
  After visiting the ranch during the summer of 1996 with his family, Rick Pierucci of BJ Services decided it would be a great place to have the company's Fall meeting. The top executives flew into Bakersfield from Colorado, Alaska, Texas, California and Wyoming and met at the ranch for three days. We were able to accommodate their busy schedule by having breakfast earlier than usual so they could get to work. The group used all fourteen cabin rooms for lodging; meetings were held in our large private lounge (telephones and fax machines were available). Coffee, tea, fruit and cookies were served during breaks in the meeting area; breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Garden Room. There was also time for play in their group, everyone enjoyed our weekly hay wagon ride and barbecue dinner in the meadow, and the late afternoon horseback rides.
BJ Services found the Quarter Circle U RANKIN RANCH the "Perfect Business Retreat". Rick said they accomplished a lot, and loved the quiet privacy Rankin Ranch offers. Everyone left refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges facing their industry. Several took brochures and plan to return for a family vacation. Rick and his family have visited the ranch many times since.
Air National Guard

Another group we hosted every spring from 1999 to 2005 was the Air National Guard lead by Colonel Ed Fager.  They all enjoyed the quiet and confidential meeting space, fun activities and most of all the flexibility of our schedule.  They met most of the day, but always found a little time late in the afternoon to enjoy the outdoors on horseback. 

Participation was expected by all when it came to Colonel Fager’s group.  Our square dance caller always remembered how wonderful they were at marching to the beat during the "grand square".  Every year they looked great in their personalized Rankin Ranch uniform shirts created by Colonel Fager.  Ed and Helen Fager still vacation with us in the spring and fall and we always look forward to their return.

We have been happy to host many businesses throughout the years.  They range from large to small groups and varied in length of stay.  All the groups have complemented us on the flexibility of our staff and schedule to accommodate their group’s needs.  Several of the business retreats included spouses. While business meetings were taking place, family members enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, fishing, and other ranch activities then the entire group gathered for meals.

One of the best things about the Ranch was our whole company (The Cutler Group) could spend time together. Most of the time many of us are on the road or even in the office we have tasks that do not allow us time to build relationships. Rankin Ranch provided that opportunity. Bob Kingsbury 2009
Below are just a few of the businesses that we have enjoyed hosting at the ranch.
The Nature Conservancy (2009)
Hanford High School Agriculture Department (2009)
Bakersfield Californian (2008)
Cutler Insurance (2007)
Air National Guard (1999-2005)
BJ Services (1996-2001)
Outback Steakhouse

Easton Moran
Southern Californian Edison
American National Bank
Kern County Superintendent of Schools
Continental Insurance
New York Life Insurance

A variety of groups have also found Rankin Ranch to be the perfect location for retreats.  Over the years we have had several groups join us including; women’s retreats, religious gatherings, business team building, quilters, and more.  We welcome groups during our regular guest ranch season to join our other guests and enjoy our planned activities.  If you are looking for a custom getaway and have a group of 24 or more, we encourage you to reserve all of our rooms.  We can schedule our activities around your group’s needs.  We are also happy to accommodate you during the months that the ranch is closed with a minimum of 24 overnight guests.  You will enjoy Rankin Ranch’s secluded location offering some peace and quiet with activities for all to enjoy.Regular Seasonand Off Season rates apply during the respective times.  Please call for special pricing for the moths that the ranch is closed.
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