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  Rankin Ranch is the perfect location for your vacation, whether it is a short couple’s getaway or an annual family trip. Each season brings something special, but regardless of the season, you will always find a peaceful country atmosphere in our little mountain valley. Springtime is beautiful with wildflowers, green hillsides, and a slower pace. As summer begins, the Regular Season is in full swing with our Supervised Children’s Program and all of the fun associated with summer. The autumn months bring "Indian Summer" weather with fall foliage and a slower pace once again. We offer several special events throughout the season such as Ladies’ Retreat and Art Week, and we are always excited to help with your special event or celebration…anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions… at the ranch.
When it's time to go home, guests are sad to leave the ranch; that's why they keep coming back year after year. We're proud of our 70% repeat business. We now have second and third generation Rankin Ranch guests returning to enjoy the same wonderful ranching experiences with their families. We have a special relationship with our guests; we've always enjoyed sharing our way of life with our city friends. We're in the business of making memories, and our guests tell us we're doing a great job! 

When you leave the ranch, the memories that you carry with you will continue to tug at your heartstrings and beckon you back to the beautiful Walker Basin. Treat yourself to a real vacation and plan a stay at the Rankin Ranch.
Michael Wade 2009

For me, the best part was being able to spend time, real time, with my family, surrounded by caring and loving people. I have never been on a vacation where I felt like I was part of a wonderful extended family until our time at the ranch. We were able to spend time together, being outdoors and active and making new friends. Being away from the constant bombardment from the media, cell phones, computer, television, and video games, and getting back to the basics, back to what is really important; family and friends, made this vacation our all time favorite.
Nicole Portillo 2009

  April 11 - June 6, 2014
Springtime wildflowers and green hillsides lure guests back year after year. With daytime temperatures ranging from the mid 50’s to mid 70’s and cool nights, it is a beautiful time of year. Weekdays are great for adult getaways with fewer guests, while weekends feature adult and family fun. Off Season rates apply during the spring months except for dates during "Spring Break".
I’ve been hooked on Rankin Ranch since my first trip in April 2006. I’m a single person and was looking for a safe vacation spot that I could go by myself. Other "singles" vacations I looked into were just not my style. When I found Rankin Ranch it was exactly what I was looking for. I love to ride horses, the location is great and you can just relax and have peace. I came to the ranch alone, but wasn’t left out of anything…they have a way of making you feel at home and part of the family. I tell my friends that it’s great because you can spend time by yourself, but you also have opportunities to meet other people and be involved in ranch activities…I look forward to coming back every year.
  April 11th - April 27, 2014
Enjoy "Spring Break" at Rankin Ranch this year. Parents and grandparents agree that Rankin Ranch is the perfect family vacation both for fun and relaxation. Our Supervised Children’s Program has activities planned for the children throughout the day including-hikes, games, arts and crafts, and more. Moms, you don't have to cook or clean, so you can enjoy your vacation too! Each day is filled with new and exciting adventures, whether it be horseback riding through our mountain cattle country; catching a Rainbow Trout at Julia Lake; or taking a haywagon ride out to the meadow for dinner and a horseshoe tournament. You can also enjoy playing games in the recreation room; lounging on the large grassy area; soaking in the hot tub; or reading that book that you just haven’t had time for. After enjoying dinner in the Garden Room, it is fun for all with our evening activities. As you head back to your cabins don’t forget to look up at the star filled sky. Regular Season rates apply during "Spring Break".
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  Over the years, many guests have expressed an interest in coming to the ranch when they could just kick back and relax…no planned activities. We have created "Rest and Relaxation Week" to accommodate their requests. This is the perfect time for adults who need a quiet and peaceful getaway. Come and enjoy Walker Basin’s beautiful scenery while strolling through the green hillsides. Meals…don’t worry, just because we are calling this "Rest and Relaxation Week", Rudy will still be hard at work preparing the ranch style meals that you are all so fond of. We supply lodging, three full meals, and a peaceful atmosphere…all you need to bring is mind, body and soul willing to relax and enjoy. You’ll also enjoy the lowest rates of the season during this week. See Rates Page.  There are no organized activities (horseback riding, evening activities, etc.), maid service, and the swimming pool is not heated during this time.
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ART WEEK...Drawing and Watercolor...May 18-23, 2014
Our gorgeous peaceful scenery and century old barns and buildings lend themselves to our annual "Art Week" for sketching and painting taught by Bakersfield artists. There is still plenty of time for horseback riding and all ranch activities...swimming, hiking, fishing and more. Our guests bring their art pads, pencils and watercolors and join us for a week of fun...drawing and painting. It is the perfect time for beginners to learn, and time for the experienced artists to relax and continue enjoying drawing and painting in a beautiful setting. We supply the art subjects and nature in its glory. Join us this week and open the door to the world of'll have a great time! Off Season rates apply during "Art Week".
  Dear Bill, Glenda, and Sarah
Thank you so much for the "retreat".  No phone, no TV, fresh air and seeing familiar faces.  An opportunity to do a few small paintings and a roll of film to do more.  Always a special time.  Thanks to all for the "soul food".  Bob loved it (and needed it) and wants to come back.  Can’t thank you enough
Nancy and Bob (Bakersfield, CA)
  May 23-26, 2014
Summer is nearing and everyone is excited to get away for Memorial Day Weekend. Rankin Ranch is the perfect spot for this long weekend. You will enjoy all of the activities that are offered during our Regular Season including fun family activities each evening and our wonderful Supervised Children’s Program. It is always a fun weekend for all ages, and a nice way to wind down the school year. Regular Season rates apply. During this time period we require a three night stay (Friday-Monday).

  Rankin Ranch HISTORY WEEK will be a week you won't soon forget. Following a full day of ranch activities...horseback riding, fishing, hiking or just relaxing in our beautiful little mountain valley, we will bring Rankin Ranch and local area history alive for you each evening!
During past History Weeks, guests have enjoyed hearing from family members about the early day Rankin Ranch history. Bill and Glenda, 4th generation Rankins, and Alice Rankin Beard, our family matriarch and 3rd generation Rankin, enjoy sharing stories, photographs, and antiques with you in the original Rankin home which was built in the mid 1870s. 

Another wonderful evening might feature "Wild West Country" a documentary by Chuck Barbee based on Bob Powers history books. Chuck Barbee’s documentary focuses on the 1834-1861 time period in the Kern River Valley area.  There are stories of the Tubatulabul Indians, Freeman’s Junction, James Station, Keysville Gold Rush, and early settlers, like Judge Sumner and the Lightner Family. 

History Week is an exclusive event which is not offered every year. Each History Week is a bit different, all of them featuring interesting guest speakers. If you would like to be put on our interest list for the next History Week, please e-mail us at

We have warm memories of being welcomed by a gracious family to share their historic ranch. The food was delicious. The horses were well trained and trails allowed us to explore beautiful wildflower decorated hills. The frosting on the cake was being there during history week. Hearing stories of the past by local experts sparked our imaginations. As a result we bought several books about the history of Walker Basin and Kern County. Rankin Ranch is located in a very special hidden area of California. We hope it stays that way.
Jim and Carolyn Conway 2009
June 6-September 1, 2014
Summertime is wonderful at Rankin Ranch. Parents and grandparents agree that Rankin Ranch is the perfect family vacation both for fun and relaxation. Our Supervised Children’s Program has activities planned for the children ages 4-11 throughout the day including, hikes, games, arts and crafts, and more. Moms, you don't have to cook or clean, so you can enjoy your vacation too! Each day is filled with new and exciting adventures, whether it be horseback riding through our mountain cattle country, catching a Rainbow Trout at Julia Lake, or taking a haywagon ride out to the meadow for dinner and a horseshoe tournament. You can also enjoy lounging by the pool, soaking in the hot tub, or reading that book that you just haven’t had time for. After enjoying dinner in the Garden Room, it is fun for all with our evening activities. Each evening as you head back to your cabins don’t forget to look up at the star filled sky. Regular Season rates apply.
Last July, my husband and I were blessed with the opportunity to take our four granddaughters to Rankin Ranch for a 4 day vacation. The girls had the time of their life and it was wonderful to see them bond…every day was an adventure from riding horses to swimming and everything in between including arts and crafts and the scavenger hunts. I do know that catching and eating their fish was definitely a highlight of the trip and something they still talk about. We really hope that we have a chance to experience Rankin Ranch again with all of our grandchildren.
Larry and Joan Pernicano 2009
  "SCOUT DAYS”…Fun for all Troops….2014 TBA
Scout Days is a special time at Rankin Ranch just for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. During this time period, we gear our activities towards scout troops and offer special horse programs to help scouts earn their horse related badges. We usually offer the option of a one or two night stay.   You are welcome to stay with us for longer at this same great rate. Off Season rates apply from June 1st to 6th.
  We are happy to have scouts join us anytime throughout our season if these dates do not work out for your troop. At other times during our season horseback riding is still offered, however, we cannot promise the individual attention for earning badges. This special rate for "Scout Days" does not apply to other dates.
The girls in the troop had never been on a real-life working ranch before and they were in awe. When they exited the vehicles, they were totally excited and didn't calm down until we left on Sunday night. They had the best time with Dave & Fernando who taught most of them how to ride a horse for the very first time. They devoured all of Rudy's delicious food. It was because of these great memories that we came back year after year selling a record number of Girl Scout cookies to pay for the trip.
Karen Ruiz, Brownie and Junior Troop Leader, Rankin Ranch Guest Since 2002
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  The 4th of July Celebration…July 1-5
Fourth of July is a very special and patriotic time at Rankin Ranch. During the days leading up to the 4th, families are divided into Red, White, and Blue Teams. The ranch supplies each team with bandanas, sashes, or T-shirts to decorate to show their team pride.

The day of the 4th at Rankin Ranch is one that you won’t soon forget. You can’t help but feel proud to be an American as you wake up to a patriotic wonderland. Everything from the Recreation Room to Dining Room has been decorated and even the horses are patriotic on the 4th of July. It is a fun filled day with morning horseback rides as usual, but the afternoon brings "All American Family Fun". Everyone wears their Red, White, and Blue creations for our old fashioned Olympic Games featuring an obstacle course, potato sack race, water balloon volleyball, and much more.

"Happy Hour" and Dinner are served on the front lawn of the original Rankin home looking out over the meadows and mountains of Walker Basin. The day would not be complete without the historic pageant starring your children. The children learn skits that depict early day Rankin Ranch history and dress up in costumes as they travel through a century of Rankin family stories. The children also share their patriotism through special presentations when they tell everyone why they are proud to be Americans.

Celebrating the 4th of July at Rankin Ranch has become a family tradition for many people. It’s not too late to begin a family tradition of your own! During this time period we require a four night minimum (July 1-5) due to all the special activities. Regular Season rates apply.

Any vacation at Bill and Glenda’s place is a treat and every summer month has its own special appeal, but 4th of July weekend was unforgettable: the Rankin Ranch family Olympics was all multi-generational teamwork and hilarity. Some highlights included sack races, cow pie (frizbee) tosses, and water balloon volleyball. Not to mention red, white, and blue everything! And the patriotic and historic skits put on by the kids!
The Palermo Family 2009
  August 29-September 1, 2014
As summer winds down and you ready yourself for the upcoming school year, come visit Rankin Ranch for one last summer vacation with your family. This is the last weekend of the season that our Supervised Children’s Program is available. The children will have a wonderful time with all of the children’s activities and this three day weekend will leave parents feeling relaxed and ready for the hectic school year ahead. Regular Season rates apply. During this time period we require a three night stay (Friday-Monday).
  September 1-28, 2014
Fall foliage with the changing of colors creates a special time of the year to visit the ranch. The warm cozy fire awaiting you in the recreation room is very inviting after your horseback ride in the meadows and oak covered hillsides. With daytime temperatures ranging in the mid 70’s and cool nights, it is a beautiful time of year. Weekdays are great for adult getaways with fewer guests, while weekends feature adult and family fun. Off Season rates apply.
Tom and I have been going to Rankin Ranch for about 8 years now. It is a wonderful way to get back to nature with the beautiful hills, running creek, cows and calves frolicking near by, and best of all wonderful food and great camaraderie. There is always something for everyone whether it is games, swimming, horseback riding, shuffleboard, a wild game of horseshoes, or just peace and quiet…The Rankin’s are very gracious hosts and make you feel like part of the family. We enjoy it so much that we have increased our party to include other family members and they have also fallen in love with Rankin Ranch.
Tom and Joann Esser 2009

  2014 Dates TBA

Tehachapi Lifestyle Magazine invites you to join them at Rankin Ranch for the weekend of September 14-16.  You can come stay with us and horseback ride, swim, fish, and many other activities.  Take an interpretive nature walk with Jon Hammond and learn more about the natural history of our mountains.  Stay one night or two or just come for the day on Saturday and join us for lunch.  On Saturday there will be special presentations for your enjoyment including a basket weaver, spinner, blacksmithing demonstration, Kawaiisu Indian stories, and more.  This is one of the only opportunities to come to the ranch just for the day.  Call for more details and pricing.


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2014 Weekends
March 27-30
October 16-19
October 23-26
  1 Space Available
    I really love your family, your enthusiasm, passion, and fun loving atmosphere!  You are all great! 
Thank you,
Tammy Bouyer-Scrapbooking at Rankin Ranch since 2007
"The Scrapbook Buddies," a group of ladies who attend our fall weekend annually, enjoy the time spent together creating memories with their friends and preserving "family memories" in their scrapbooks.

Enjoy a weekend of memories and western hospitality at Rankin Ranch. The ranch not only offers a wonderful place to create memories, but a relaxing environment to "preserve" your family memories at one of our scrapbooking weekends. We were delighted to introduce our first "Creative Cowgirl Scrapbooking Weekend "in February of 2004 and each year since has brought many enthusiastic scrapbookers. We would love the opportunity to share our 149 years of memories with you. Beginning and experienced scrapbookers are all welcome.

Your weekend away at the ranch will be productive, but relaxing as well. You can scrapbook from 7 a.m. to midnight or take some time to enjoy your surroundings. You will have your own private room in one of our cabins. You can relax outside your cabin on your porch or you can relax down in the main lodge area and the original Rankin home. You will enjoy spending time by the fire in the family living room surrounded by century old family photos and antiques or playing games or puzzles in the lounge. If you need a break, take a hike through the gorgeous mountains or down the creek. This is your weekend…take it at your pace! See Rates Page


Our large Garden Room will provide ample space with your personal 3x5 work table and well lit work area for a weekend of creative and productive work. We will supply some basic tools at each table and a community supply table with larger items. Our scrapbooking room will be open from 7 a.m. until 12 midnight.
Diane at her work station working on her scrapbooks.  She comes to a scrapbooking weekend each year with her friends.  In February of 2004 she finished two complete albums.

The Rankin ladies have fun spoiling you on your weekend getaway.  We know you will enjoy your scrapbooking from 7 a.m. until midnight without children, husband, or cooking interruptions!  There will be no distractions other than the lingering aromas from our kitchen where your home cooked meals are being prepared and the beautiful view of nature outside your window.All of our scrapbooking ladies love to be pampered and especially love our scrumptious food.The weekends usually follow a "western" or "holiday" theme for food and décor.
  Your delicious home cooked meals will be served in the original Rankin Home.  Throughout the day you can enjoy snacking on the jars of treats on your table and a variety of beverages which are always available for you.  Each evening hors d’oeuvres are served in the family living room with a warm fire on chilly nights.

On Saturday night all of the ladies enjoy our Midnight Madness Pajama Party!  It is a fun evening with games and a wonderful dessert buffet. 

Scrapbooking Supplies
Basic Supplies on Hand for Use:
Individual Table Caddy: Pencils, scissors, rulers, pencil sharpeners, and paper cutters
Community Table: Large Paper cutter with decorative blades, light table, design punches, design scissors, circle and oval cutters, and rubber stamps, and computer with CK lettering and Graphics program

Rankin Ranch is the perfect location to hold your group event…club meetings, family gatherings, business luncheons, and more! During the months that the ranch is closed (October-March) we are pleased to accommodate your special events.

For several years we have had the pleasure of hosting luncheon meetings for the Kern County Cattle Women, Golden Girls, and Kern Valley Historical Society. Some groups are "strictly business", while others allow time to enjoy hearing stories of early day Rankin Ranch history which we are happy to share with you.

Rankin Ranch is also a wonderful location for a family party or gathering. We are happy to help you plan that special birthday dinner, anniversary party, or any other special celebration. Overnight accommodations are available with a minimum of 24 guests. Please call for special pricing.

  A variety of groups have also found Rankin Ranch to be the perfect location for retreats.  Over the years we have had several groups join us including; women’s retreats, religious gatherings, business team building, quilters, and more.  We welcome groups during our regular guest ranch season to join our other guests and enjoy our planned activities.  If you are looking for a custom getaway and have a group of 24 or more, we encourage you to reserve all of our rooms.  We can schedule our activities around your group’s needs.  We are also happy to accommodate you during the months that the ranch is closed with a minimum of 24 overnight guests.  You will enjoy Rankin Ranch’s secluded location offering some peace and quiet with activities for all to enjoy.Regular Seasonand Off Season rates apply during the respective times.  Please call for special pricing for the months that the ranch is closed.

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