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The Rankin Family,
Our family loved meeting all of you and visiting Rankin Ranch in June of 2009. It was by far our favorite family vacation we have ever had and that sure says a ton, as we have vacationed in Hawaii, Big Bear, Arizona, Palm Desert, San Diego and Cabo San Lucas to name a few. Thanks for the great counselors who took our children and incorporated them into the established groups upon our arrival. When the kids were with each other, Erryn and I were truly able to relax by the poolside and on the horse rides. Our favorite meal was the steak dinner on the front lawn which has an amazing and relaxing view. We loved the daily cocktail hour and meeting the other guests. We did become close to the Pair family and we have exchanged emails several times since our visit.
We remember as we pulled up to Ranch for the first time, Sarah who was 9+ months pregnant was so friendly and willing to show us around. Thanks to Amanda who coordinated the activities, sports tournaments and our favorites "square dancing" and the "Sunday BBQ" with the hayride. Thanks to the chefs who prepared outstanding meals throughout the day. It was nice to meet Bill at the Saturday dinner and during the Sunday BBQ. We can't say enough about Wrangler Dave and his crew, Dave was so friendly and good with our family, we LOVED the horses and the rides. Katie still talks about waking up at 5am to work with Dave in preparing the horses for the day.

See you Next Year,
Brent and Erryn Bacher (Rossmoor, CA) July 2009
PS--I understand why families return year after year, some even up to 17 years.
We are looking forward to seeing the Bacher family again in 2010. They already have their reservations!

Our family’s vacation at Rankin Ranch was the best we ever had! They had activities that suited every member of the family. Because there is an 11 year age difference between my youngest and oldest children, it is not always easy to find one activity that is entertaining for all. At Rankin Ranch there is truly something for everyone. We each had an opportunity to go off and do our “own thing”, but there was also plenty of time for our family to play together. The relaxed friendly feeling of the place, the great home-style food, and the amazing beauty of the ranch helped make it a place we will never forget.  

Linda (Murrieta, CA)
My wife, Nancy, and my son Douglas visited the Rankin Ranch several years ago. Prior to that trip and in the years past, we also have traveled to five continents and dozens of countries. All our trips were exciting and wonderful. However, the vacation to the Rankin Ranch stands out as special due to the fact that we spent our time there, did not make us feel like a tourist, just passing through, but a member of the Rankin family. From the moment we arrived at the Ranch, the Rankins, through their warm-heartedness, hospitality and genuine interest in who we were and our happiness made us feel like we were "family" and not just visitors. That initial feeling we came to see was real, as the entire time we were there, we just enjoyed their company, stories, and activities.

My wife had her special moments at the Ranch, which consisted of reading, puzzles and just visiting. My son had the best experiences he has ever had fishing where he actually caught fish! I enjoyed the beautify of the place, a place that has not changed much in spite of California filling up with people everywhere. We all will remember the hayride and the most wonderful lunch we have ever had on it, not to even mention that my son and I won the horseshoe tournament! Another day I even jogged down to the old family cemetery, and wound up spending quite sometime there, visiting the gravesites of the earlier Rankins, who by now had become some of my "family" too.

In the travel world of today, there are plenty of resorts and fancy hotels that pretend to care about your welfare and concerns. They have pasted on smiles. They have an interest in you, as long as you are paying. The time at the Rankin Ranch, to this day, never felt like that. The Rankins are as real as their ranch. They treat everyone as a special person who are part of their family. Its a great feeling and I have never felt it anywhere else in my travels. That is what makes the Rankin Ranch experience so special. We wished we could have stayed many more days, but life and other commitments said it was time to go. At least we still have our memories to relive. We plan to return someday, if for no other reason than to reconnect with our "extended family".

Mark, Nancy and Douglas (Folsom, CA)
Dear Sarah,
Just a quick note to say from the depths of my heart, THANK-YOU, for helping make a dream come true for me and my boys!!! We had a “fairy-tale” time with ya’ll at Rankin Ranch, we will never forget your hospitality and kindness. Now we’ll just have to have a new dream of seeing you again someday…..
Have a good spring and summer. Tell everyone there we said hello.
Betty Lynne (Rural Retreat, VA) April 2007
“Heaven on Earth”
We stayed here for 4 nights in July 2006, I only wish it could have been 40. This is the best holiday I have ever had. My wife and 13 year old son both agree. If we lived in the States, I would already have booked for next year. We met families who have been going to Rankin Ranch for 5, 10 even 20 years and I can see why. The location, the horserides, the food, even relaxing by the pool or in the hot tub. This is a 5 star holiday that I would recommend to anyone who has even the slightest interest in this type of holiday. The Rankin family will make you feel very much at home.
John (London, England) August 2006
We feel honored that John and his family have traveled all the way from the UK to return to Rankin Ranch each summer since their first visit in 2006.
One of many wonderful submissions to our 2009 Rankin Ranch memories contest…
Hello Rankin Family! Wow, what a tough assignment to come up with a favorite (just one?!) memory. As you know, Rankin Ranch is hands-down my favorite place on earth. Here are some thoughts as to why Rankin Ranch is so special for us. We love and miss you all! Michele, Chris, Alex, Erin, Madison and Cara (San Jose, CA)
A short Rankin Ranch Story or a Single Favorite Memory is like selecting your favorite jelly bean from an entire jar. It’s impossible because the sum of all the memories, the feeling we have when we think or speak of the Ranch, is so much greater than any single experience. Instead it is a wealth of memories, culled over a span of more than 25 years, that stays with us long after each single visit is over.
It was 1973, and I was eight years old. I’ll never forget the drive up, up, up to the ranch. The journey itself was exciting, mysterious, and filled with adventure. During our stay, my sister and I had the most amazing experiences. We had counselors who took us to the creek in search of Indian artifacts. They told us stories of Indian tribes and early settlers. They walked us to the cemetery and told us spooky stories from days gone by. We rode horses, made friends and performed for the adults – in skits my children would later perform for me.

In 2003 my children and I returned to my favorite childhood place. And in 2004 something unique happened. My soon-to-be husband and his children joined us, and we created the first of many memories for us as a single family. Rankin Ranch will always be a special place for us. It is the place where my childhood imagination ran free, and it is the place where our new family began. Each year, when I see our four girls perform in the show, I remember how special this place is, and I watch firsthand as my daughters build tremendous memories of their own to someday share with their children. The ranch still holds the same magic for me as it did when I was eight. And when the sun rises over the crest, and I’m awake and on horseback to see it, anything is possible.
Dear Bill, Glenda, Sarah and the entire Rankin Ranch staff,
     Karen and I would just like to thank you once again for your wonderful hospitality. We had no idea what to expect when we arrived at your ranch. From the moment we walked in, we realized that we were in a very special place. From the meals, dancing, walks, horseback riding, fishing and hours of talking with everyone, we have memories that will last us forever.

      Thank you again for opening your home and beautiful part of the country to us and making us feel so welcome. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.
Robyn and Karen October 2007
One of many wonderful submissions to our 2009 Rankin Ranch memories contest…

I’ve been hooked on Rankin Ranch since my first trip in April 2006. I’m a single person and was looking for a safe vacation spot that I could go by myself. Other “singles” vacations I looked into were just not my style. When I found Rankin Ranch it was exactly what I was looking for. I love to ride horses, the location is great and you can just relax and have peace. I came to the ranch alone but I wasn’t left out of anything…they have a way of making you feel at home and part of the family. I tell my friends that it’s great because you can spend time by yourself, but you also have opportunities to meet other people and be involved in ranch activities. Meal times are great because everyone sits together so you can get to know the other people who are sharing the ranch with you. The food is GREAT, the Rankin family is full of smiles and they all made me feel very safe. And last but not least I can forget Dave and the fun and informative trial rides. I look forward to coming back every year.
Angelique (Victorville, CA)
Hi Rankins!
First, thanks again for a great time. Our year wouldn’t be the same without this trip. People have wondered why we go to the same place every year, but they’ll never understand unless they’ve been there. After 14 years and 18 visits, it’s really become a second home. And what lessons everyone can learn from each of you – that of hardwork, dedication, warmth, humility and serving others. You really do put most of us to shame. So just know that all of that is greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,
Chris and Sharon (Visalia, CA) October 2007
We look forward to seeing Chris and Sharon each fall. 2010 marks their 17th year vacationing at Rankin Ranch!
We decided on the Rankin Ranch for part of out dream holiday because of two things. 1) its location - being near to the other places we were visiting 2) Its excellent reviews on trip advisor We were not disappointed. The ranch is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in a lovely basin surrounded by wooded hills. Only 2 1/2 hours from LA but it could be in another world, and significantly because of its elevation its 10 degrees or more cooler than the Bakersfield valley.

The horses are wonderful, well looked after and most of them are real working quarter horses though ideal for complete novices like us.

The family and staff make you really welcome, and after a hectic 10days sightseeing this was an oasis of peace and calm. Park the car and forget it, lovely walks, no TV, fresh air, early morning rides and plenty to keep the kids occupied. Something to do every night whether it was Bingo, Hay Ride and barbeque, Pool Competition, magic show, and in the heat of the day, chilling by the pool, or practicing archery in the shady grove near the playing field…. if you want to spend peaceful days in a little piece of heaven on earth, getting back to nature while having all your needs taken care of and the kids occupied and enthralled then you should book now.
All in all it was just about perfect.

Michael and Dawn (United Kingdom) August 2008
To the Rankins & Everyone in that very large family,
Thank you all for a fantastic visit and fabulous vacation!! Every one of you made Morgan and I feel so welcome. Whether it was letting me put my morning milk in the refrigerator or tracking us down to see if we were going to ride or straightening the mess only Morgan can make – it was all done with caring and a smile. Rankin Ranch is a magical place! I hadn’t seen my daughter in a year (away at college), nor been on vacation in 9 years; Nothing I could have imagined would have been better than the reality of our time there. On our last day, we were already talking about our next trip there. You are each so special – and so are the other guests, who contributed to the fun of it all. We had THE BEST TIME! Stay healthy, be blessed, and we will see you soon!
Morgan and Melannie (Agoura Hills, CA) October 2007
Follow up letter from Melannie in January 2008….”It is going to be our annual Mom and daughter retreat. We had such an incredible, relaxing time.”
I wanted to thank you for a great vacation. Great food! Great Cabins! And best of all great and friendly people! Gail and I appreciate the obvious fine stewardship of the land you operate on. Over the generations there must have been thousands of temptations to compromise your standards. This last week Gail and I have been beneficiaries as we enjoyed the trail rides through the meadows and oak studded hills. We hope to visit you again as soon as we can. Our wishes to you for a successful season!
Mark and Gail (Soquel, CA) May 2007
Dear Folks,
       Enclosed are some photos Thomas and I have taken while visiting the ranch (which really feels like home) in the spring and early summer. Being there with all of you gives us such joy. Thank you for continuing the tradition of friendship and hospitality. We will see you in the spring!

Thomas and Norma (Huntington Beach, CA) August 2009
We are excited to see Thomas and Norma again in 2010! This will be their fourth trip to Rankin Ranch.
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RANKIN RANCH is proud to have been featured in so many national and local publications...
“Loyalty, family and history - that is the legacy of Rankin Ranch - a legacy that is passed down not only to the family members themselves, but to the guests who visit the ranch to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions and myriad other of life’s milestones.” See More
I’ll Drink to That! A Celebration of All Things Good.
Fall 2009 Blog by Xochitl Maiman
Los Angeles Times…September 2007 Travel Section by Donna Wares
“It’s lively and fun, but relaxing too – and that’s what keeps folks returning yearly to family-run Rankin Ranch in the Tehachapis.”   See More
October 2007
Homesickness. That’s what struck me when I began reading about the Rankin Ranch in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times. It is a very appropriate article. Ah, the memories flooded back of the winding drive up to the Ranch, the pleasant welcome we received on arrival. The wonderful food and camaraderie with other guests, the barbeques, horseback rides, cows calling out at night, following the activity of the cattle ranch, discussions with Bill in his truck, and many other pleasant times.

I first started coming to the ranch when my grandsons were about 12 and 14 years old. Now, Jesse, age 28 is an insurance agent in the area, and Jacob, age 26 is a contractor who just remodeled our kitchen. Both boys smile broadly when reminded of the Ranch….Please give my warm regards to Bill, Glenda, Sarah and Amanda, Jason and Dave.
Richard Gripp (La Mesa, CA)
Great Escapes: Southern California…May 2008 by Donna Wares
Rankin Ranch: Escape From Reality
We were pleased to have been featured on our local news station, KERO 23. During the summer of 2009, Rankin Ranch was included in their “Staycations” segment. See More
CaliforniaWeekend.Com…2007 Featured Article
“So what is it about this particular ranch that keeps them coming back? Part of it could be the area's beauty — a majestic tapestry of meadows and pine forests found in the mountains about 40 miles east of Bakersfield. Part of it could be the boundless recreational opportunities in the area, including several daily horseback rides at the ranch. And part of it could be the Kids Program that provides trained counselors for the youngsters almost any time of day.

While all of that's appealing, we have our own theory why people get hooked on Rankin Ranch: The Rankin family. There's just something that feels good about experiencing a few days in the life of a hard-working ranch family where old-fashioned family values aren't really old-fashioned.” See More
Sunday Stays and Getaways on the Inspirational Network… September 27,2008
The Insider Exclusive TV/December Travel Special on CNN Airport Network…December 2008
Bakersfield Life Magazine…February 2008
"Children are in heaven at the ranch. Their days are filled with fun arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, nature hikes and their very own horseback rides. All of these activities are supervised during the regular season, which gives mom and dad a little free time too"
Ranch Vacations….by Gene Kilgore
“One of California’s most famous cattle and guest ranching families running an old-time, working cattle ranch for six generations. Hospitality reigns supreme! Enjoy wonderful, easy going Western hospitality and kindness. Lots of space, peace and quiet.” Ranch Logo
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