Plan Your 2017 Ranch Vacation

Plan Your 2017 Ranch Vacation

October 31st, 2016

Make plans for your 2017 ranch vacation.  Here’s a glimpse at our 2017 guest ranch season.  You can always check out our Calendar of Events for detailed information on all of the special times at the ranch, but sometimes it is nice to see all of these fun times on one page.  Below is a list of the dates and special times to plan a 2017 ranch vacation.

horseback riding at Rankin Ranch

March 16th to 19th and March 23rd to 26th – Scrapbooking Weekends are a special time to enjoy a weekend of memories and western hospitality at Rankin Ranch. The ranch not only offers a wonderful place to create memories, but a relaxing environment to preserve your family memories while scrapbooking from 7 am to midnight.  (limited availability – special rates apply)

April 1st to 14th – Spring Break with “Family Fun for All” with our supervised children’s program for ages 4 to 11 included (regular season rates).

April 17th to May 26th – Springtime weather with wildflowers and green mountainsides.  Weekdays are great for adult “get-a-ways” and weekends for adult and family fun. (off-season rates).

May 21st to 25th – “Art Week” for adults and children. Free art instructions included (off-season rates).

May 26th to 29th – Memorial Day Weekend for adults and children.  (regular season rates).

May 29th to June 2nd – Late Spring It is almost time for summer, but there is still time for a peaceful getaway at the ranch.  (off season rates).

June 2nd to August 20th – Summertime “Family Fun” with our supervised children’s program for ages 4 to 11 included, and all the fun associated with summer – swimming, hiking, fishing, and much more! (regular season rates)

June 2nd to 9th – Summer Kickoff  Start your summer off right with a great ranch vacation.  There will be family fun for all ages at a 15% discount.  We extended the Summer Kickoff in 2017 to give you more days to save! (regular season rates)

July 1st to 5th – 4th of July Celebration Patriotic fun for the whole family leading up to the 4th of July festivities.  (4 night stay required – regular season rates)

August 20th to 27th – Summer Slowdown The kids are headed back to school and the great ranch activities are calling you.  Enjoy swimming, horseback riding, and more! (off season rates)

September 4th to 24th – Indian summer weather with warm days, cool nights, and a “slower pace” once again (off-season rates).

September 24th to 28th – Quilting Retreat a special time to enjoy a weekend of western hospitality while working on your latest quilting project.  Whether it is hand work or machine work you will enjoy sharing ideas with the other ladies.  Lodging, meals, and personal workspace included.  (limited availability – special rates apply)

October 1st to 6th – Fall Bonus Week we are going to stay open an extra week in 2017 to give you one last chance at a great ranch vacation.  October days are beautiful and you will enjoy the lowest rates of the season. (off season rates)


Original Post Updated 2/15/17 to include additional offerings during the 2017 Season…Quilting Retreat and Fall Bonus Week