Art Week at the Ranch

Art Week at the Ranch

April 11th, 2017

Annual Art Week at Rankin Ranch

May 21st to 25th

The mountains are a beautiful shade of green and the spring wildflowers are out. Our annual art week is a wonderful time to relax, paint, go horseback riding and join in other great ranch activities. We love seeing the ranch through the eyes of different artists, and it is always fun to see what is created. Whether you prefer to paint, sketch or draw, there is something for you. It is an enjoyable time for anyone and everyone who has an interest in art. Advanced artists, beginning artists or those who just want to relax and do a little drawing, everyone is welcome. There is even an instructor who welcomes you to join in as many of her activities as you would like.

Art Week Iva FendrickThe instructor is the very talented Bakersfield artist, Iva Fredrick. She gets to spend the week sharing her passion about art by giving instructions and tutorials to the guests; at no additional charge. Iva was an art teacher at North High in Bakersfield and is still very active in the Bakersfield art community. She was the president of the Bakersfield Art Association for two years. During this time she worked with community members and other organizations to increase the presence of art in Bakersfield. She played a major role in the recent “Driven by Art” displayed throughout the streets of Bakersfield. Thirty three small scale pickup trucks have been painted by some of Bakersfield’s leading artists, including Iva who painted the Rankin Ranch’s original stagecoach barn. Iva Fredrick is passionate about art and loves to share it with the world.

We would love to have you join us, whether you stay for one night or the whole week, the beauty of Walker Basin will be waiting to welcome you during our annual art week. Complimentary art lessons are available daily from 9 am to noon and 2 to 4 pm.  So, bring your art pads, pencils, paints and/or watercolors and enjoy an exciting week here at the Rankin Ranch.