Rankin Ranch Beef

Rankin Ranch Beef

February 4th, 2020

We have a website dedicated to Rankin Ranch Beef.  Please visit www.RankinBeef.com  to see what we have in stock and place your order.   

Our family is proud to offer high quality, local beef from our ranch to your table.  Our cattle are raised on our 156 year old cattle ranch by 4th, 5th, and 6th generation Rankins.  They graze grass on the mountains surrounding Walker Basin and are then finished on grain at a feedlot in Bakersfield.  We finish our cattle on grain for superior flavor and quality.  This also allows us to provide delicious beef for you year round.  Our beef is aged for 21 days before being cut into  delicious steaks for you to enjoy.  It is all natural with no antibiotics and no hormones.

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How to get your Rankin Ranch Local Beef…

We make regular visits to Bakersfield, the Kern River Valley, Ridgecrest, and Tehachapi.  Visit www.RankinBeef.com for a listing of upcoming deliveries. Beef is also available for pick up at our ranch in Walker Basin.



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