Best Trout Fishing in Southern California Is on the Ranch

Best Trout Fishing in Southern California Is on the Ranch

January 31st, 2022

A person enjoying the best trout fishing in southern California.

There’s a lot to do on Rankin Ranch that isn’t strictly horseback riding. We have acres of land covering swaths of wilderness to be explored. Part of that great patch of outdoors is one of our favorite spots to get away for a moment. That’s Lake Julia. It happens to be a peaceful place for a nap or a relaxing afternoon for trout fishing in California. Let us tell you why Rankin Ranch is the perfect fishing destination in Southern California. Bring your poles and bait, and get started!

Drop a line in Lake Julia or Walker Basin Creek

Lake Julia is a stocked pond with fish for any skill level or age. Most people have success catching rainbow trout. If you can catch a trout, clean it, then give it to our kitchen staff, and they’ll cook it for you at any meal during your stay. If you don’t want to keep your catch, you may release it back into the lake as long as it is unharmed. We ask that you only catch what you plan to eat during your stay (one fish per person per day).

Lake Julia connects to the Walker Basin Creek. Fishing in the creek makes for a great place in California to catch trout. There are more than enough spots along the stream to find a relaxing area to fish after dinner and watch the sunset. 

Step Away to Fish, but Return for More Ranch Attractions

Trout fishing in California is a relaxing and classic way to spend your vacation. But, it’s not going to take up all of your time. When you return to Rankin Ranch, bring some fish to share, participate in a family dinner, and get in on some Ranch games like horseshoe. We’ll serve you breakfast and dinner and invite you to square dance, play bingo, and more with the rest of the guests. Check out our website for offseason rates and packages! Please check availability online or call us at 1-661-867-2511.