Family Bonds

Family Bonds

October 25th, 2018

We recently enjoyed this blog post on and felt that it embodied everything about a ranch vacation.

What Research Tells Us About the Most Successful Family Bonds

Strong family bonds reduce anxiety, raise self-esteem, and build resilience among children. Research suggests five actions to take for strengthening family bonds:

  • Family Time: Family time is a great way to model expected behaviors inside the family circle. Mutual respect increases and family members learn to value one another.
  • Traditions: Traditions are stories, beliefs, rituals and customs that are passed from one generation to the next. Children learn family values through traditions and being a part of the family’s traditions, gives a sense of belonging.
  • Multi-Generational Gatherings: Grandparents exert significant direct and indirect influence on their grandchildren’s outcomes, including increased survival, and positive influences on nutrition and mental health.
  • Family Holidays: The emotional, psychological and social benefits of family holidays last long after the holiday itself ends. Benefits include increased affection for other family members, better behavior, greater optimism and ambition, reduced anxiety and worry and less need for disciplining. Family holidays serve as a “happiness anchor.” Memories of love, joy and fun during family holidays give strength and courage during life’s challenges.
  • Novel Experiences: Give children the gift of unique and unforgettable experiences. The intensity of emotion that is evoked when children consume experiential gifts creates life-long memories and bonds.

“The family who plays together, stays together” is not just an adage; it is a proven scientific fact. Create the tradition of an annual multi-generational family holiday and enjoy family fun through novel experiences.

TravelMyHeart features properties all over the world that offer unique experiences and we are pleased that Rankin Ranch is included on their site.

Family Celebration

Rankin Ranch is a family owned business and we value the importance of strong family bonds.  Today the 4th, 5th, and 6th generation of Rankins live and work together on the ranch.  Helen Rankin (3rd generation) opened the ranch to guests in 1965 and we strive to provide an environment that gives our guests quality time together.  Visiting the ranch has become a family tradition for so many.  Each  year nearly 60% of our guests are repeat guests.  They look forward to their annual trip to the ranch and some even say it is like “coming home to grandma’s” with familiar comforts and continuity.

The ranch offers a variety of activities for all ages and makes it an excellent destination for a multi-generational gathering.  For some families that gathering is for a milestone birthday celebration or special anniversary and for others it is an annual trip that brings the whole family together when they are spread far and wide in their daily lives.  Regardless of the reason, the result is the same…memories that last a lifetime.  The experiences at the ranch are unique.  Guests enjoy the great outdoors while horseback riding, hiking, or maybe even catching your first Rainbow Trout.  They also enjoy the comforts of daily made service in our mountain cabins and three home cooked meals each day.

Each year our family looks forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.  We would love to be a small part of your “family bond”.