Generations of Friendships

Generations of Friendships

October 7th, 2019

Many families often return to our ranch each year for the guest ranch season. They come from all over the world to convene and reconnect in the peaceful tranquility of the ranch. However, that case has been a bit different for a few time-honored guests.

It first began with a family known as the Codey’s who began coming to the Ranch in the 1990’s. Paula and her husband Bob had come to the ranch for many years, often more than once a year. They would bring their family in the Summer and they would come just the two of them in the Spring. Even as their family began to grow and expand, the Codey’s continue to make it up to the ranch, including their grandchildren Mackenzie and Phil in the family ritual.

Around the year 2004, another family, the Derloshon’s arrived at the ranch. They had come a few times in the spring, but were looking forward to the summer activities at the ranch. The Derloshon’s and the Codey’s soon became fast friends when they realized their grandparents grew up and lived in the same city. Another family arrived at the ranch a few days later, the Walsh’s. Eric and Emily were similar in age to the Derloshon and Codey kids, and they spent their days together at the ranch playing pool, guess who, riding horses, and sharing laughs on the swings.

Left to right Phil Mullan (Codey), Eric Walsh, Morgan Derloshon, Emily Walsh, Katherine Derloshon, and Mackenzie Mullan (Codey) Circa 2004

As this group of older kids began to grow, they soon were known as the teen tribe. Not far along after the Harris family, the Horist family, the Lietsch family, and the Reichle Family were added. Briney, Bryant and Christa Harris had visited the ranch for years, but their week shifted and they were now aligned with this growing group. The Horists were friends of the Derloshons and the kids had all gone to school together. When the Derloshon’s talked about the ranch, the Horists decided that it was time to check it out for themselves! The Lietsch family came with their two young children Josh and Jade. Janet the mother, had come to a scrapbooking weekend and thought it was time for her family to join in on the beauty of the ranch!

Left to Right: Janet Lietsch, Christa Harris, John Lietsch, Steve Derloshon, Lori Reichle, and John Reichle Circa 2014

The rest is pretty much history! The group bonded together and had so much fun, that they decided to start coming the ranch the same week every year for years to come. Teens often overtook the number of kids campers on this week, so in a memorable moment, the teen tribe performed in the talent show!


Flash forward to today, and many of these families are still attending the ranch together on that fateful week in August. The group ebbs and flows a bit more now. But the fact still remains. They bonded over their love the of the ranch and have made memories together that will last a lifetime. Here’s a snapshot of a few of the teen tribe left ten years later.