Host Your Anniversary Celebration At A Ranch In California

Host Your Anniversary Celebration At A Ranch In California

November 5th, 2023

A couple celebrating their anniversary at Rankin Ranch In California.

Your wedding anniversary only comes around once a year; if it’s a big one, you should plan something extra special. Find a place where you can relax and have a fun party. One of the best places to do this is on the expansive grounds of Rankin Ranch in California. We have the room, the activities, and the experience to make this anniversary one to remember. Here is what Rankin Ranch can do for your next California anniversary.

Horseback Riding

Spend time doing something new, like horseback riding, with your partner. We have approximately one-hour trail rides twice daily, except Sundays when we ride in the morning only. We have many new riders and plenty of experienced riders who join a horseback riding adventure through the Rankin Ranch scenery. 

The Great Outdoors

Another great way to enjoy your anniversary is on our expansive Ranch grounds. We have acres giving you fantastic views of pine-covered mountains and lush green meadows. One popular spot is hiking along Walker’s Basin Creek. Our hiking trails are also ideal for biking too. An excellent place for mountain biking is the seven-mile circle around our little valley.

Meal Time

One of the best things about celebrating your anniversary on the Ranch is the home cooking. We serve a hearty breakfast, a full buffet lunch is served on the terrace, and (if you bring your own beer, wine, or spirits), each evening before dinner, adult guests gather for drinks, dips, and chips under the mulberry trees before our family-style dinner.

Make This The Best Anniversary

Go all out for your next anniversary because Rankin Ranch in California has enough support, activities, and accommodations to help you make this a special moment. Bring your family and your friends. Enjoy the scenic views, chat with other Ranch visitors, or get some much-needed R&R. You’ll find plenty more activities and nature to see on the Ranch. As a reminder, our 2024 season begins March 22 and extends to Oct. 6. Please check the availability online or call us at 1-661-867-2511.