Leisurely Hidden Gems in Southern California

Leisurely Hidden Gems in Southern California

February 11th, 2022

A woman riding a horse at one of the many hidden gems in Southern California.

There are many hidden gems in Southern California. We recommend you take it easy on your vacation. Rankin Ranch is the best place to take a moment for yourself. Sleep in, go for a leisurely stroll on the Ranch, take an afternoon nap, and enjoy a frothy beer at the end of your night. These are only a few leisurely hidden gems you can find on the Ranch and in Southern California. Let us take you through some more relaxing things to do on the Ranch.

  • Horseback riding is a big one here. There is a guided horseback riding hike almost every day of the week. There are approximately one-hour trail rides, twice each day, except Sundays (morning-only hikes).
  • Lake Julia is not far. If you require some peace and quiet, there aren’t many better ways to do that than fishing.
  • Getting outside of the city has its benefits. Look up. The stargazing on the Ranch is spectacular.
  • As the day winds down, you might need to take a moment to reflect or catch your breath. The Ranch is ideal for long evening strolls along our country roads.
  • Have some delight in visiting Sarah’s Farm. Children can bottle-feed a calf and watch the chickens search and peck for food.
  • Hike along Walker’s Basin Creek. It is a fantastic place to enjoy the wonderful nature surrounding the Ranch. Many people make the trek to the “Gossip Rock.”
  • Bring your bike and enjoy the country roads. You could spend the afternoon biking on the seven-mile circle around the valley or pedal to the Rankin Cemetery, about one mile away from the Ranch headquarters.
  • We have a cool and relaxing swimming pool to enjoy. Take in the beautiful view of the valley from in the pool or from lounging in the pool chairs.

You Can Rest Easy When You Stay at Rankin Ranch

Rankin Ranch is one of many hidden gems in Southern California. Slow down for a moment and take in the beautiful sunsets, the wondrous scenery, and the welcoming company you’ll meet here. We want to make everything at Rankin Ranch as easy as possible. We’ll serve you breakfast and dinner and invite you to square dance, play bingo, and more with the rest of the guests. Check out our website for offseason rates and packages! Please check availability online or call us at 1-661-867-2511.