Life’s a Trip – Rankin Ranch on Travel Channel

Life’s a Trip – Rankin Ranch on Travel Channel

January 12th, 2017

Our family is excited to be a part of a brand new show on the Travel Channel called “Life’s a Trip”.  The show premiered Saturday, January 14th.

Life's a Trip

Rankin Ranch is the first stop on a road trip across the nation for Patrick Warburton and his son, Talon.  Epic journeys are a family tradition for the Warburton Family.  They are setting out to discover the crazy, beautiful and always inspiring traditions and legacies that make up the American family.

We were honored to be chosen as the location for their first episode entitled “Horsing Around”.  Patrick and Talon (and a film crew) spent a few days with us here at the ranch to try to capture the essence of what our family has been doing for over 150 years…raising cattle.  They tried their hand at a number of ranch tasks and let’s just say that one of Talon’s hands may never be the same, but he took it all in stride and embraced every ranch experience.

The ranch has been the location for a number of photo shoots over the years.  However our family and our way of life have never been the focus of these shoots.  We believe that Life’s a Trip and it is all about the experiences along the way.  It was a pleasure to work with this top notch crew and we hope you enjoy the show!

A description of Horsing Around from the Travel Channel website.

For over 150 years, six generations of the Rankin family have been living the cowboy dream. They operate a 31,000-acre cattle ranch just a couple of hours north of Hollywood in a place that looks like the set of an old John Wayne movie. Now, actor Patrick Warburton and his son, Talon, will dive in feet first to experience everything it takes to be an American cowboy.

Behind the Scenes on Life’s a Trip

The Rankin Kids get ready to take a little horseback ride with Talon Warburton.

Behind the Scenes

Patrick and Talon Warburton reflect on their ranch experience.

Life's a Trip Behind the Scenes