May Ranch Getaway – A Hidden Gem

May Ranch Getaway – A Hidden Gem

April 11th, 2018

Guests often ask what is the “best” time to visit the ranch and this is a very difficult question to answer because every season brings its own beauty and a different atmosphere.  The spring and fall are great for adult getaways, while spring break and the summer months bring family fun.  It all depends on what you are looking for.  However, I can say that the month of May is the most overlooked time at the ranch.  You might just want to consider a May Getaway.

The month of May is a hidden gem.  It is a beautiful time with lush green hillsides and a lovely display of wildflowers.  The beauty of these vivid colors against the crisp blue sky are all around you on daily trail rides.  Our family has been enjoying this sight every spring for 155 years right here in Walker Basin and guests who have discovered this beautiful time have made it an annual tradition to visit the ranch.  The lilac bushes that surround the cabins and ranch grounds usually bloom at some point during the month of May.  Their soft purple blossoms fill the air with a heavenly scent.

The weeknights generally bring a quieter setting with 10 – 15 guests staying with us each night.  This allows for longer horseback rides and plenty of time to relax outside your cabin and read a good book.  The weekends are a bit busier with both adults and families staying at the ranch.  There are still usually only 20 – 30 guests at the ranch even on the weekends.  This quaint environment allows you to get to know the other guests that are at the ranch with you.  Some may be from a similar area as you and others are spending a few nights at the ranch while coming from all over the world to explore California.

The views at the ranch are priceless while riding through the mountains, down the canyon by the creek, or out in the meadow.  When you combine this view with a sunny 75 degree day, you really can’t ask for anything more.  Make plans to join us and experience this hidden gem.  There is something for everyone!

Special Times in May


Mother’s Day Weekend – May 11th to 13th – Treat mom to a great ranch getaway!


Adult’s Only Week – May 13th to 16th – A special time at the ranch for adults only (age 18+).

Spring Paint Out – May 16th to 18th – Calling all artists.  Enjoy a few days painting at the ranch!

Memorial Day Weekend – May 25th to 28th – Family Fun for All Ages

Rooms Currently Available May 4th to 31st



Written by Amanda Rankin Barrett (5th Generation Rankin)