Return to the Ranch, McLaughlin Family Vacation

Return to the Ranch, McLaughlin Family Vacation

June 28th, 2019


The McLaughlin Family 1987

For their 10th Wedding Anniversary in 1979, Dennis and Donna McLaughlin chose Rankin Ranch to have a quiet getaway just the two of them. After spending a few days at the ranch, they could not help but notice that not only was this the perfect getaway f0r them as a couple, but for their children Heather (8) and Mark (6). From 1981, the McLaughlin family continued to visit the ranch as their children grew up over the next 10 years.

The McLaughlins 2017

As countless other children have, Mark and Heather grew up spending their summers on the ranch. This included horseback riding in the warm summer sun, and participating in kids camp and ranch activities. The ranch may have been a bit different then, but the McLaughlin’s would probably say not much. Heather and Mark returned to the ranch in 2017 with their spouses, children, and parents. “It was wonderful to return after 27 years and find everything almost exactly the same as it had been,” said Donna.

Rankin Ranch has been a great source of family time for many families, including the McLaughlin’s. Donna reported, “[It is] so refreshing to get away from the hectic world and be in nature, relax and enjoy your wonderful hospitality.  The simple life in wonderful nature is hard to find nowadays for such an age spread, but your Ranch if the perfect place.”

The McLaughlins have since returned to the ranch and it has been a blessing to watch their family grow over the years. We hope to see y’all again soon!

McLaughlin Family 2019