Plan A Family Farm Vacation In California

Plan A Family Farm Vacation In California

May 1st, 2023

Two people enjoying their Rural California family vacation.

Getting out of the home momentarily and outside the city can do wonders for your spirit. It’s even better when you can bring your family with you. The summertime is best for family farm vacations in California. Rankin Ranch is the best place to do just that. Here is why family farm vacations in California is an excellent way to spend your summer vacation time. 

Family Reunions

Getting out to the Ranch is one of the best decisions you should make for your next family reunion. Rankin Ranch’s location in central California makes it ideal for families that are local to California. But we also welcome families from across the country to fly into Los Angeles (two hours from the Ranch) or Bakersfield (one hour away) and drive to the Ranch to join their families. You can reach out our team via phone or e-mail, and we can help plan your family reunion.

Horseback riding on a family Farm Vacations California.

Family Testimonials

Over the years, many families have made Rankin Ranch their place for family reunions. Here are some highlights from past family reunions on the Ranch.

“We had such a great time at your Ranch over the 4th of July weekend. It was just so fun to have four generations together playing games and riding horses. Your family and staff made us feel like we were at home, and your decorations for the 4th of July celebration were amazing!” – The Scheenstra Family.

“It was great to ride on the sunrise ride, eat the delicious Mexican food, and of course be with the whole family.” – The Lane Family.

Things For Your Family To Do

You may be wondering what makes Rankin Ranch so special for families. Here is a preview of popular things to do that are always a hit with families on the Ranch.

  • Horseback Riding
  • Swimming
  • Lawn Sports
  • Seasonal Children’s Program
  • Arts And Crafts, 
  • Nature Hikes
  • And more

Make This A Vacation To Remember

Plan family farm vacations in California that you won’t soon forget. Rankin Ranch is the most straightforward recommendation for this kind of vacation. Sit near our lake, chat with other Ranch visitors, or get some much-needed sleep. You’ll find plenty more activities and nature to see on the Ranch. Check out our website for off-season rates and packages! Please check the availability online or call us at 1-661-867-2511.