The Advantages of a Rural California Getaway

The Advantages of a Rural California Getaway

March 29th, 2021

A wrangler rides into the distance in rural California.

Of all the lessons we’ve learned over the last several months, having an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures is undoubtedly near the top of the list. Even in a perfect world, our modern lifestyle’s hustle and bustle can sometimes leave us feeling foggy and somewhat disconnected. Deadlines and other obligations are often at the forefront of our psyche. And just as we think we’ve gotten ahead, another task pops up to replace what we’ve recently completed. The work-life balancing act can be overwhelming, so it’s easy to comprehend why many of us can become frazzled by a seemingly endless barrage of responsibilities. Thankfully Rankin Ranch, in Caliente offers the perfect setting for a rural California getaway.

Rustic Charm in Rural California

Sometimes the best way to mend your mind is to retreat from the ongoing onslaught of information and congested commutes for a more tranquil environment that fosters peaceful rejuvenation and self-reflection. A rural California vacation has many advantages over spending time in densely populated areas. And while there is something to be said about exploring the concrete jungle, those with a desire for a peaceful getaway will find our Southern California dude ranch a soothing reprieve from noise, traffic, and light pollution. Below we put together a quick list to help illustrate the benefits of a family ranch vacation in rural California.

7 Benefits to a Rural California Getaway

  • Cities are expensive, and while any good time will cost some money, you won’t get nickeled and dimed for every activity. On the contrary, Rankin Ranch has a bevy of exciting on-site activities baked into the all-inclusive rates.
  • The whole family can enjoy the scenic beauty found in our neck of the woods. Whether it’s horseback riding or fishing for rainbow trout, there is something for everyone at Rankin Ranch.
  • Authentic ranch cuisine provides a “stick-to-your-ribs” feeling that you can’t find in the big city. We even have a cookbook available in the gift shop!
  • You’ll discover a new place or something unique that doesn’t look like every other exit on the freeway.
  • Traveling in the city can make you feel like just another face in the crowd. We pride ourselves on making our guests feel at home.
  • Possibly the most apparent advantage to retreating to a more rustic setting is the lack of people, cars, and the noise that accompanies them. You’ll also have a much better look at the stars thanks to the absence of major light pollution.


An All-Inclusive Dude Ranch in Caliente, California

A young vacationer holds her parent's hand during a walk in rural California.Our rural California ranch is only about an hour from the heart of Bakersfield and provides an idyllic atmosphere for those looking to slow things down a bit. If you and your family are searching for a way to satiate your rustic proclivities, then look no further than Rankin Ranch. With a bevy of on-site activities, spectacular accommodations, and exclusive events, it’s no surprise that we’ve been helping families enjoy the little things for over half a century. Please reach out to us online or call 661-867-2511 today for more information or to book a stay.