Scrapbooking Ideas For A Weekend Getaway

Scrapbooking Ideas For A Weekend Getaway

January 16th, 2024

Two women scrapbooking at a Ranch In California.

One way to slow down and take a breather with your friends is to plan a scrapbooking crafting weekend. It’s a beautiful way to stretch those creative muscles and create something special together. First, you need a place with plenty of room and an area that can spark your creativity. For that, you need to look in California and the Rankin Ranch. We have plenty of space for you to explore and find inspiration and room for you and your friends to gather and craft. Continue reading for more ideas and tips for a scrapbooking weekend getaway at the best ranch in California.

How To Plan For A Scrapbooking Getaway

Start by figuring out a theme. Brainstorm what you and your friends want to accomplish by the end of the weekend. Then, pile as many photos, magazines, and paper as possible into a bin for easy transportation. Perhaps you plan to carpool to Rankin Ranch. This way, everyone can swap ideas and plan some more together. 

What Rankin Ranch Can Provide For Your Crafting Weekend

You only need to bring your friends, memories, and scrapbooking tools; we can handle the rest. We can help plan activities around the Ranch. We also welcome groups during our regular guest ranch season to join other guests and enjoy our planned activities. For example, you can participate in group breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. You can find inspiration while horseback riding or lounging by the lake or pool. There are various areas on the Ranch for you to relax for a moment and think.

Group Rates

Let us know how many people you want to join you on your retreat. If you are looking for a custom getaway and have a group of 24 or more, we encourage you to reserve all of our rooms. Over the years, several groups have joined us, including veteran and first responder retreats, women’s groups, religious gatherings, business team building, and more.

Craft Memories In California

A scrapbooking weekend is perfect for bringing your friends together and doing something fun. Rankin Ranch is welcome to have you and your guests for a weekend getaway in rural California. Enjoy the scenic views, chat with other Ranch visitors, or get some much-needed R&R. You’ll find plenty more activities and nature to see on the Ranch. As a reminder, our 2024 season begins March 22 and extends to Oct. 6. Please check the availability online or call us at 1-661-867-2511.