Girls Getaway Testimonial

Girls Getaway Testimonial

February 21st, 2014

 “Saddle Sisters”

Ranch Review

“Our group of 10 ladies aged 60-72 arrived the Monday before Memorial Day.

From the moment we arrived we felt welcomed and wanted and when we left four days later, we almost felt like family members.

We have stayed at a total of five dude ranches in five years.  Rankin Ranch is the one we are booking for next year and hopefully beyond.   The value is incredible.  Three delicious meals and two great trail rides every day.  There was plenty to do, or nothing to do, your choice.

The ranch is extremely beautiful and peaceful, the rooms are quaint and nicely appointed and the common areas are thoughtfully planned.  We love animals, so the various dogs and cats kept us smiling, not to mention the farm animals, which we visited often.

The food was absolutely delicious, each one a home cooked meal.  Our favorite though, were the fresh baked cookies after lunch.  We are all complaining about not having our daily fresh baked cookies after lunch here at home.

The wranglers and horses were great.  We all have our own horses at home, so this is important to us.  Those trusty steeds took us all over the place with no complaints or problems.   Rankin has done an extraordinarily good job of finding safe horses for their guests.

There is so much more to go on and on about, but Rankin Ranch is hands down the best dude ranch vacation that we have experienced.”


Saddle Sisters Girls Getaway


It was our pleasure to have the Saddle Sisters stay with us in May 2024 for their “Girls Getaway” and look forward to their return.