Testimonial 1

Testimonial 1

February 21st, 2014

To the Rankins & Everyone in that very large family,

Thank you all for a fantastic visit and fabulous vacation!! Every one of you made Morgan and I feel so welcome. Whether it was letting me put my morning milk in the refrigerator or tracking us down to see if we were going to ride or straightening the mess only Morgan can make – it was all done with caring and a smile. Rankin Ranch is a magical place! I hadn’t seen my daughter in a year (away at college), nor been on vacation in 9 years; Nothing I could have imagined would have been better than the reality of our time there. On our last day, we were already talking about our next trip there. You are each so special – and so are the other guests, who contributed to the fun of it all. We had THE BEST TIME! Stay healthy, be blessed, and we will see you soon!

Morgan & Melannie (Agoura Hills, Ca. – October 2007)

Follow up letter from Melannie in January 2008…

“It is going to be our annual mom and daughter retreat. We had such an incredible, relaxing time.”