Testimonial 5

Testimonial 5

November 27th, 2015

Dear Glenda and Rankin Ranch,

We have just returned home from our stay at beautiful Rankin Ranch.  I wanted to express how much we enjoyed our experience with you in peaceful Walker Basin.  We were so impressed with your hospitality, the lovely grounds of the ranch house, the delicious food, and friendly staff.  I loved the low-key, quiet feel of the ranch, and the way you keep everything in a natural setting.  I will never forget the BBQ under the magnificent willow trees out in the meadow.  One of my favorite memories is an early morning walk along the road, when I enjoyed perfect stillness while bird watching.  I also had fun visiting and joking with Bill Rankin, as well as the rest of the Rankin Family.  Many thanks again for your thoughtfulness with the birthday card and t-shirt for Jim!  We will be talking about our experience for a long time and hope to return.  Thank you for creating a very peaceful, memorable, and beautiful experience in Walker Basin.

Best wishes,

Georgette (May 2015)

May and September are the perfect time for a peaceful adult getaway, especially during the weeknights.