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He's a handsome fella and sure stands out in the herd! Hero is a Halflinger that Shelby has had since he was a baby and he seems pretty happy with life on the ranch. Fun fact...Hero and Henry are besties! ... See MoreSee Less
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Rankin Ranch is at Rankin Ranch.
Rankin Ranch
The guys have been busy cutting our rye grain this past week and today they finished the last field. Now on to the raking, baling, and hauling to have the hay ready to feed to our cattle and horses later in the year.#rankinranch #ranchlife #CaliforniaGrown #kerncounty ... See MoreSee Less
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Made with love and a spatula to bring some extra sweetness to your day. Pancake breakfast every Tuesday morning! ... See MoreSee Less
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We are on the countdown! It's only two months until our 4th of July Celebration and we are already getting excited. Join us to celebrate with Red, White, and Blue galore from July 2nd to 5th. ... See MoreSee Less
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We believe in the value of education. Today, on National Teacher Day, our hats are off to two very special teachers in our family. Rebecca and Allen are making such an amazing impact with their work in education. Rebecca is currently the District Librarian for Norris School District and teaches Leadership at the Middle School. Allen recently started an Agriculture Class at Norris Middle School as an elective for students and his program is thriving. A special thank you to not only these two, but ALL of the educators who continue to make a difference in the lives of your students. #NationalTeachersDay #ThankATeacher #NORRISKNIGHTS ... See MoreSee Less
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Dear Rankin Family,

I had the best time ever!!  There was truly nothing that could have been improved on; the food was fabulous, our wranglers not only knowledgeable and helpful, but also open and funny.  We met all sorts of different people, but also got to know each other better.  We all ride at the same stables, but tend to only really share horse stories.  These 3 days we talked about everything under the sun!   It was heaven just to be on your gorgeous ranch, no phones, traffic, social media, TV, etc.  Thank you for offering such a wonderful experience only 2.5 hours from Los Angeles. Best wishes,   Anne B. (Los Angeles - May 2021) Anne came with a group of ladies for a weekend stay.  May and September are the perfect time for a peaceful adult getaway, it is especially quiet during the weeknights.
One of many wonderful submissions tour 2009 Rankin Ranch memories contest…
I've been hooked on Rankin Ranch since my first trip in April 2006. I’m a single person and was looking for a safe vacation spot that I could go by myself. Other “singles” vacations I looked into were just not my style. When I found Rankin Ranch it was exactly what I was looking for. I love to ride horses, the location is great and you can just relax and have peace. I came to the ranch alone but I wasn’t left out of anything… they have a way of making you feel at home and part of the family. I tell my friends that it’s great because you can spend time by yourself, but you also have opportunities to meet other people and be involved in ranch activities. Meal times are great because everyone sits together so you can get to know the other people who are sharing the ranch with you. The food is GREAT, the Rankin family is full of smiles and they all made me feel very safe. And last but not least I can forget Dave and the fun and informative trial rides. I look forward to coming back every year. Angelique (Victorville, Ca.)
Hi Rankins!
First, thanks again for a great time. Our year wouldn’t be the same without this trip. People have wondered why we go to the same place every year, but they’ll never understand unless they’ve been there. After 14 years and 18 visits, it’s really become a second home. And what lessons everyone can learn from each of you - that of hardwork, dedication, warmth, humility and serving others. You really do put most of us to shame. So just know that all of that is greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Chris & Sharon (Visalia, Ca. - October 2007)
We look forward to seeing Chris and Sharon each fall. 2022 marks their 29th year vacationing at Rankin Ranch!
We travelled to various parts of the western USA during our month's stay, but both whole heartedly agree that our that at the Ranch was by far the best.  The Rankin Family have all been so welcoming and it was also lovely to meet other ranch guests - many of whom I gather come every year!  The atmosphere, scenery, and food were all amazing and our cabin was so comfortable.  We enjoyed all of our rides with the wranglers Shelby, Amanda, and Fernando.  The highlight for both of us was definitely going for a lope through the meadow on our last morning - I will never forget that feeling!   Thank you again!  We will be sure to recommend the Ranch to everyone, and if we are lucky enough to travel back to the USA again ourselves, we will definitely be back! Many thanks again, Grace and Pip (United Kingdom - September 2017)
We haven't stopped talking about our visit to the ranch since we left.  Brady has been talking about Hollywood the horse for days.  He's even drawn a picture of his dream horse, a horse named Warrior, and is now interested in taking horseback riding lessons!  There's no doubt the ranch is an inspiring place.  Thanks for allowing us to get back to basics and connect as a family.  And thank you for treating us like royalty.  We loved everything about that trip - from the myriad activities, to the food, to the fun accommodations (a wagon!).  And the horses.  We LOVE the horses.   This will always go down as the best Finn family trip ever.  We've decided to make it a family tradition (if Brady had his way, we'd be coming next week!).  So, you're not rid of us yet.  We look forward to seeing you next year!   Stay healthy and thank you again!   All our best, Nina, Jack & Brady  (Nevada - July 2021)

The Finn's returned to the ranch in summer 2022 with extended family to celebrate Nina's birthday!

Rankin Ranch was honored to be one of the destinations chosen to included in Parents Magazine's article "Where the Wild Things Are".  They complied a great list of family vacations ideas. Spend your summer vacay showing kids animals and sea creatures in their natural habitat.  Family travel experts nominated their favorite mountain, woods, and beach destinations, and then Parents dug up details to pick the heads of the pack....If your kids love horses, they'll flip over this all-inclusive dude ranch in the south-central part of the state, two and a half hours or so from L.A.  Read the full article written by Karen Cicero in the April 2014 issue of Parents Magazine.
EQluxe Magazine...2022 Photo Shoot and Feature We were pleased to have EQluxe Magazine shoot their Spring 2022 collection of Wander Lust by Boot Barn at Rankin Ranch.  Our herd of handsome horses were ready for the camera and photographer, Shelli Wright, did a beautiful job capturing the essence of the ranch. See more
Rankin Ranch: An Undiscovered Jewel We were pleased to have been featured in The Loop newspaper in the Spring of 2021.  Jon Hammond's article gives an insight to the history and ranch experience that you will enjoy..."At the Rankin Ranch, you get your own cabin, three hearty meals, trail rides, and an array of other activities, with no additional charges. The Rankins call it their "American Plan," in which everything is included, and they don't tack on additional fees left and right like the airlines do. It's like a cruise ship but on land: you pay one price and everything is included." Read more here
Los Angeles Times…September 2007 Travel Section by Donna Wares “It’s lively and fun, but relaxing too – and that’s what keeps folks returning yearly to family-run Rankin Ranch in the Tehachapis.” See More October 2007 Homesickness. That’s what struck me when I began reading about the Rankin Ranch in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times. It is a very appropriate article. Ah, the memories flooded back of the winding drive up to the Ranch, the pleasant welcome we received on arrival. The wonderful food and camaraderie with other guests, the barbeques, horseback rides, cows calling out at night, following the activity of the cattle ranch, discussions with Bill in his truck, and many other pleasant times. I first started coming to the ranch when my grandsons were about 12 and 14 years old. Now, Jesse, age 28 is an insurance agent in the area, and Jacob, age 26 is a contractor who just remodeled our kitchen. Both boys smile broadly when reminded of the Ranch….Please give my warm regards to Bill, Glenda, Sarah and Amanda, Jason and Dave. Richard Gripp (La Mesa, CA) Great Escapes: Southern California…May 2008 by Donna Wares