Things To Do In Rural California For Couples On A Honeymoon

Things To Do In Rural California For Couples On A Honeymoon

March 22nd, 2024

Enjoying the wonderful weather is one of the Things To Do In California For Couples.

If you need help planning a unique and memorable honeymoon, consider all of the romantic things to do in a rural California ranch. Get out of the city and connect with nature through many romantic activities at Rankin Ranch, located near Bakersfield on acres of open, untouched land. We plan events and activities on the Ranch that can help keep you and your partner occupied, or you can relax and take some time off following a hectic wedding planning process. Here are some romantic things to do in rural California for couples at the Rankin Ranch.

Ranch Activities For Couples

During your Rankin Ranch stay, you and your partner can access lodging, three full meals, horseback riding, and all ranch activities. If you want to join in with the other guests, you can participate in activities such as hay wagon rides, barbecues, square dancing and western line dancing, bingo, pool tournaments with prizes.

For those planning your honeymoon, please get in touch with us. If you let us know in advance, we’re happy to help celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with a cake and a small gift for the special guests of honor.

Horseback riding is a popular activity for couples on the Ranch. We offer approximately one-hour trail rides twice daily, except Sundays, when we ride only in the morning. You and your partner can experience scenic plains, mountainous trails, and the occasional lope.

All-Inclusive Rates

Looking ahead to this year, our regular season dates include Memorial Day (May 24 – 27), Summer (May 31 – Aug 18), and Labor Day (Aug. 30—Sept. 2). We also hold special events, so look for postings about Quilting Retreats, Adults-Only rates, and more.  

Connect With Your Partner

Find some time to focus on each other with these things to do in rural California for couples. One of the best ways to do this is by relaxing and enjoying each other’s company on your honeymoon at Rankin Ranch. Enjoy the scenic views, chat with other Ranch visitors, or get some much-needed R&R. You’ll find plenty more activities and nature to see on the Ranch. Our 2024 season extends to Oct. 6. Please check the availability online or call us at 1-661-867-2511.