Wrangling Essentials | A Ranch Vacation Travel Packing List

Wrangling Essentials | A Ranch Vacation Travel Packing List

June 7th, 2021

A woman packing for a trip.

Dude ranch vacations are a unique endeavor that many people have yet to experience. If you’ve never been on a rural getaway characterized by hay bales, hiking, and horse rides, you may be wondering what to pack. After all, it’s not the most common retreat for even the most seasoned travelers! However, if you’re ready to find out what makes Rankin Ranch a superb friends and family destination, you’ll want to start thinking about your travel packing list. 

Rankin Ranch | An Unrivaled California Dude Ranch

From the moment you step foot onto Rankin Ranch, you’ll be overcome with delight. Located near Caliente, California, just outside of Bakersfield, our historical homestead offers a quintessential escape from life’s complexities. You’ll notice things slow down a bit when you’re on “ranch time,” and you may end up turning your phone off altogether. Not only will you connect with your loved ones as you forge unbreakable bonds, but you’ll also find nature’s bounty with an abundance of outdoor activities and adventure. With such alluring prospects, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is making sure you have everything! As such, we’d like to provide a simple guide to help you prioritize your travel packing list for the ultimate California ranch vacation.

Your Travel Packing List for the Best Dude Ranch Vacation

It’s easy to understand why some people may be wondering what to pack for a dude ranch vacation. Having everything sorted out before you head out will go a long way in maximizing your experience. Whether you’ll be horseback riding, hiking, biking, or all of the above, being prepared should be your first order of business. Below, we’ve broken down a few essentials to help you along your way.

What Kind of Clothes Should I Bring for Riding?

Horseback riding is a cornerstone of any memorable ranch experience, so having the proper attire is paramount. Children aged six and over will be allowed to ride with supervision, so even the kiddos can help pack! Every rider should have cowboy boots—or at least shoes with heels—and tall socks to help prevent irritation caused by rubbing boots. Long pants are required, and jeans are your best bet. A lightweight, long-sleeved shirt will help protect you from the sun, as will a securely strapped hat. Tight baseball caps are acceptable for those not wanting to don a wide brim. You may also want a helmet, which we’ll have available for checkout. You should be well on your way to becoming an authentic wrangler!

What About Casual and Formal Wear?

Although you’ll be amid the great outdoors during much of your ranch vacation, you will want some casual clothing for when you’re relaxing. Jeans and t-shirts are standard outfits, but be sure to bring a few pairs of shorts. Tennis shoes and flip-flops are ideal for lounging after a day on the trails, and bathing suits for the swimming pool will undoubtedly come in handy. Dinner time at Rankin Ranch is a casual affair, but we ask that you change out of your riding clothes and tidy up. Your attire should be clean, but there’s no need to bust out your formal outfits. All we ask is that you don’t wear any bathing suits, athletic apparel, or cut-off shorts during dinner. Remember, a good cowpoke is no stranger to proper etiquette!

Miscellaneous Items

Although we have plenty of things to do on the ranch, you may wish to bring a few things to supplement your retreat. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Adult beverages for dinner and our Patio Party are welcome, and all events are BYOB. We’ll be happy to keep them cold for you if you decide not to bring an ice chest.
  • It never hurts to grab a good book.
  • Fishing gear and bike equipment.
  • Flashlights are crucial when walking back from nightly events. There is no light pollution in our neck of the woods, so some extra illumination will help get you back to your cabin. Be sure to take a look at the sky on your way!
  • Sunscreen and bug spray for added protection.
  • Reusable cups or water bottles will ensure hydration and mitigate waste.
  • You won’t need your cell phone for calling or using the internet. But it will be an excellent camera, clock, and flashlight.
  • Ice chests are ideal for keeping your drinks and snacks cold throughout the day, plus you’ll have somewhere to store your Rankin Ranch Beef for the ride back home.

A California Dude Ranch Vacation near Bakersfield

It’s worth mentioning that there are a few items you won’t need to add to your travel packing list that we’ll have for you. We’ll provide all linens, and there is a daily maid service. You’ll find bar and hand soap in the cabin, and we’ll have shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryers at the office. You’re welcome to bring a deck of cards or your favorite board games. But, we also have some to borrow from the rec room. Lastly, we’ll provide towels for the swimming pool because we know how quickly those can get used up. Either way, we know you’ll have a great time!

Now that you have a better idea of what to pack, please reach out to us online or call 661-867-2311 for more information or to make reservations for a memorable dude ranch vacation.